Career Paths

 What Are Career Paths?

Career Paths are clusters of occupations grouped together according to specific skills and interests. All paths include a variety of occupations that require different levels of education and training. From the moment students enter the ninth grade, it is important for them to realize they are preparing themselves to compete and succeed in the world of work. Selecting a Career Path provides you with an area of focus, while allowing for flexibility and variety in occupational exploration.

 How Can Career Paths Help Me?

Choosing a Career Path can help you prepare for your future. the intent is not for you to decide on a specific occupation for the rest of your life, but rather for you to begin exploring career options. Identifying a Career Path can help you select courses, activities, and part time employment based on your interest. Career Paths can also help guide your participation in work place readiness programs, cooperative education and post high school education and training. Additionally, the school will assist by providing guest speakers and possibly mentors in your area of interest.


 How Do I Decide?

Answer the few questions listed below. After determining the best path for you, go to that path and look at the various levels to find the one that matches your educational goals.
Entry level usually represents careers that only require a high school diploma. Skilled level careers require additional education or training through community college, technical or trade programs. Professional level careers require a minimum of a bachelors degree or higher, obtained at a 4 year college.


Do you like the challenge of creative problem solving?
Do you like to create with your hands?
Do you like to participate in theater arts, journalism, visual arts, and/or creative design?
Are you comfortable performing in front of others?
Do you have a keen interest in language and communication?

Arts & Communication

HHS Courses:
Art I
Art II
Vocal Music

Are you a self starter?
Are you naturally a "people person"?
Would you like to own your own business?
Do you have a good head for money?
Do you see yourself as a leader of your peers?
Can you convince people of your point of view?

Business & Marketing

HHS Courses:
Computer Applications I
Computer Applications II

Do you enjoy "Figuring things out"?
Do you have an aptitude in math and science?
Do you like to work with your hands, assembling, building, or repairing things?
Are you comfortable working with machines or equipment?
Do you have the ability to complete projects?

Industrial Technology & Engineering

HHS Courses:
Computer Applications I
Computer Applications II
Ag Mechanics (Seniors only)
Career Tech
Area Vo Tech

Do you have an aptitude in math and science?
Do you enjoy and respect nature?
Do you like to analyze and solve problems?
Do you enjoy physical tasks?

Physical Science




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