Mrs. Christel Funkhouser

Congratulations Mrs. C., Hobart District Teacher of the Year!!

I graduated in 1999 from Hobart High School. Not long after I went to SWOSU to get my Bachelor's degree, and became a teacher. After college I came back to my hometown to become an Elementary School teacher. Throughout the years I have taught several differnet grades. As for now I teach 6th and 7th grade science, and I am enjoying it. I have 3 kids Jacy, Ethan, and Ledger. I enjoy watching them play ball, and rooting for the Bearcats!

Daily Schedule
1st hour
8:00- 8:55: 6th Science
2nd hour
9:00- 9:30: 7th Science
3rd hour
9:55-10:45: 7th Science
4th hour
10:50-11:40: 6th Science
11:40 to 12:25
5th hour
12:30-1:20: 7th Science
6th hour
1:25-2:15: PLAN
7th hour
2:20-3:05: 6th Science

Class Supplies You'll Need
Composition Book or Notebook
Mrs C's 6th/7th Grade Science Syllabus
Students will be given time in class to complete assignments.
Incomplete assignments may be turned in at the beginning of the hour on the following day.
Class Participation grades may be given depending on the lesson.

Distance/Virtual Learning:
If our achool is required to close due to Covid-19 my classwork will be posted on Google Classroom.
It will be your responsibility to go online and complete the assignments in the time frame allotted.
My class requirements may be revised to accommodate virtual learning, if so, I will send an update through Google.

Please conatct me if you wish to share information regarding your child or have any questions that i can answer.

Classroom Photos


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