Ms. Heather Sims

           Physical Science, Chemistry, and Anatomy/Physiology 





Ms. Sims has a BA in Biology and English from the University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from NC State University. She is passionate about cultivating science literacy and bringing real-world science problems into the classroom. Before going into education, Ms. Sims worked in the sciences and has a robust biological research background featuring 4+ years working with the USDA, the National Park Service, and universities in multiple fields. She spent this past summer working in a research lab at the University of Oklahoma. She is a STEM Club sponsor.



            1st hour- Chemistry
          2nd hour-
Physical Science

          3rd hour-Physical Science

          4th hour-Anatomy/Physiology

          5th hour- Chemistry

          6th hour-Physical Science

          7th hour-Plan



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