Learn Anything: 100 Places to Find Free Webinars

 and Tutorials

Posted on 06.17.2008

Many people want to learn things like how to fix their own sink or speak another language but just don't know how to find the information they need or realize that free educational materials are out there to help them learn. Lucky for them, the Internet is full of tutorials and webinarsthat can be a great help in learning just about anything, whether practical or academic. We've compiled a list here of 100 places you can go to find all kinds of free educational information to get you started. General Find all kinds of tutorials and webinars on these sites.

  1. Find Tutorials.com: Find tutorials on hundreds of topics ranging from crafts and hobbies to education on this comprehensive tutorial collection.
  2. Learnthat.com: Get a little education on topics like business, finance, home repair, lifestyle and more on this site.
  3. MyTutorials: This site allows users to search for tutorials in a wide variety of topics or to post their own instructional tutorials.
  4. Instructables: Described as the "world's biggest show and tell," Instructables is full of videos that can give you instruction on how to do just about anything. From learning how to make bio-fuel and etching brass to knitting iPod cozies you'll find what you're looking for here.
  5. SuTree: With the videos on SuTree you can learn to anything. Users can watch how-tos submitted by others or create their own.
  6. TrickLife: Whether you're looking for some help building muscle during your workouts or want to learn to fold beautiful origami you're sure to find an instructional video that suits your needs here.
  7. VideoJug: This site specializes in producing and posting short videos that teach you how to a wide variety of things. Learn how to eat sushi correctly, apply eyeliner or make delicious peanut butter cookies.
  8. Expert Village: Billed as the world's largest how-to video site, you're sure to find the help you need in learning a wide variety of things with Expert Village. There are almost 100,000 videos to choose from that can help you do everything from care for a baby to learn to breakdance.
  9. Koonji: Koonji breaks learning new things down into easy to follow steps that make it simple for anyone to follow the process.
  10. Tutorial Ninjas: This site offers loads of new tutorials each week that can help you get healthy, clear up your skin or manage your technology.
  11. Tutorial Guide: With dozens of categories, this site can be a great one stop place to find help with everything from 3D software to making a new recipe.

Computers and Technology Many people struggle to understand new technologies. These sites can help get you the help you need.

  1. actDEN: Learn how to use everything from PowerPoint to Outlook with Microsoft focused tutorials from this site. Additionally, you'll find a wide variety of online courses on topics like design, math and space.
  2. Productivity Portfolio: Get simple, 5 minute how-tos on using products like Microsoft Excel and Firefox from this technology focused site.
  3. Killersites: Learn how to build websites that will impress with a little help from this site. Video tutorials take visitors through the basics of several programming languages and Web design program software.
  4. The How-To Geek: Beginners and experts alike can get assistance from this site in learning how to run, use and fix their computers and other gadgets. Browse through existing help or post your own questions.
  5. Tweako: This site compiles guides, tutorials and help from all over the Web in one easy-to-find place with content focusing on the Internet, technology and computers.
  6. Vista4Beginners: Even lifelong Windows users may have trouble navigating Vista, but not to worry. This site can provide help and instruction on how to do even the simplest tasks on Vista.
  7. Digital Arts: Techie artists will appreciate this site, which is chock full of tutorials on how to create great designs for both the Web and print using professional design programs.
  8. PSDTuts: PhotoShop is a complex program--a quality that makes it great for design but that also makes it difficult to master. Learn some new tricks with help from this large collection of PhotoShop tutorials.
  9. InPictures: For visual learners, just reading how to do something isn't enough to make it clear. This site will take you through computer and technology tutorials using pictures along with words, to make it clearer and easier to understand.
  10. Make Free Voip Calls: This is a tutorial on how to make free long distance, local and international phone calls over your computer.
  11. N Design Studio: Learn to better use both Illustrator and Dreamweaver with some great tutorials from this design website.
  12. Internet4Classrooms: This site has compiled tutorials from all over the Web that can help you learn to use everything from you Internet browser to your entire operating system better and more effectively with a special emphasis on using technology in the classroom.

Music Learn to follow your own personal rhythm with a little help from these tutorials.

  1. Teoria: Learn the basics of music theory from tutorials on this site that deal with reading music, intervals, scales, chords and more.
  2. Electric Blues Club: Get free lessons in bass, guitar, drums, brass instruments and more on this site in text and audio format.
  3. E-Chords: Watch loads of free video tutorials on this site that can help improve your skills on the guitar or bass.
  4. Folk of the Wood: No matter what kind of stringed instrument you're interested in playing you'll find helpful tutorials here. Lessons cover instruments like the mandolin, banjo, violin, dulcimer and the guitar.
  5. ActiveBass: Check out user-posted bass lessons on this large site. With lessons numbering in the thousands you're bound to find the assistance you need to learn how to play almost anything.
  6. DrumBum: This site pulls together a collection of free drum lessons that come from a variety of styles of music.
  7. GuitarPlayer: Enjoy free online acoustic and electric guitar lessons as well as a number of helpful tutorials from this site.
  8. Harmonica Lessons: If you've always dreamed of playing the harmonica this site could be a good first stop, with free tutorials that lay out the basics of playing the instrument.
  9. Computer Music Products: Learn to make and distribute music using your computer with a little assistance from these tutorials.
  10. Ricci Adams' MusicTheory: Get a handle on the basics of music theory and notation with lessons and tutorials from this site.

Languages Learn to speak or read a new language through these great sites.

  1. Indo-European Languages: On this site you'll find free tutorials for 15 different languages with free MP3's for French as well as some help understanding the finer points of English linguistics.
  2. Learn Spanish: While not all the content on this site is free, you will find a number of tutorials that can help you learn to pronounce and conjugate Spanish as well as build your vocabulary through lessons and flashcards.
  3. BBC Languages: Perhaps one of the most comprehensive free tutorial sites for learning languages, BBC Languages offers lessons in eight major languages, with audio and video help as well as helpful guides and tips.
  4. Hebrew Language Tutorials: Learn to speak and read Hebrew with a little help from these tutorials created by the University of Texas-Austin.
  5. American Sign Language Browser: This tool from Michigan State University can be a great way to start learning ASL. Look through the signs to learn how to say a huge variety of things.
  6. Ancient Egypt Online: Those interested in ancient writings from Egypt can get a beginners guide to reading hieroglyphs with a tutorial from this site.
  7. LookLex: On this site you'll find audio tutorials and lessons that can help you learn the basics of Arabic from saying hello and goodbye to talking about fixing a car.
  8. Chinese Tutorials: Want to learn a little Chinese before the Olympics? This site can help with lessons on Mandarin that combine videos and text materials.
  9. Teach Yourself Japanese: This site takes you through, lesson by lesson, the basics of the Japanese language, helping you learn to read and speak it.
  10. Hindi Learner: Learn the basics of the Hindi language with videos and tutorials from this site that take you through speaking and reading the language and how to use it personally and in business.

Programming Get a leg up on programming skills with a little assistance from these tutorials and webinars.

  1. MuppetLabs: Need to learn about C++, Perl, Java or a wide array of other programming languages? Look no further than this site which has links to tutorials for all these and more.
  2. NetTuts: Need a little help with your Web development project? You can find numerous tutorials here that will help you to create attractive and user friendly webpages in a variety of programming languages.
  3. Listutorial: Web programmers pretty much have to know a little about CSS to get by these days and this site can help answer some of your questions and help you to use it more effectively.
  4. CSS Tricks: Learn the ins and outs of using CSS for Web design and development with help from the tutorials on this site.
  5. ProgrammingTutorials: Here you'll find tutorials on just about every kind of programming you could want to do. This includes Java, Cobol, HTML, Delphi, Python, PHP and much more.
  6. Geekpedia: This site will provide you with information on numerous programming languages for both the Web and other applications.
  7. Code Teacher: You'll find help with twelve different programming languages on this site as well as informative articles and forums if you still have questions.
  8. W3 Schools: Perhaps one of the most comprehensive tutorial sites for programmers, W3Schools offers thousands of tutorials on just about everything to do with Web development and programming.
  9. The Java Tutorials: Programmers looking to develop with Java need look no further than this site, dedicated to helping you learn the basics and the more advanced principles behind Java.
  10. Coding4Fun: This site provides not only news and information on the latest in programming but instructions on topics like Beginning Game Development that can help you learn the basics of coding and building a game.
  11. CProgramming: Those interested in learning more about C and C++ programming can find a wide range of tutorials on this site for both beginners and more advanced learners.

Science These sites can make learning even the most complicated science concepts easer to understand.

  1. UK Surface Analysis Forum: You can find complete lectures on surface chemistry and science on this site with illustrations to help you better understand principles.
  2. The Physics Zone: Get help with the math and fundamentals behind a variety of physics topics like motion, force, magnetism and more.
  3. The Life Wire: Biology is full of concepts that can be difficult to visualize. This site provides over 100 animations and tutorials to help you learn even the most complex of concepts.
  4. Chemistry Tutorials: These will take you through the chemistry behind a variety of chemical reactions, mass spectrometers, and even using a bunsen burner.
  5. Biology Online: This site will help you learn the principles and science behind topics like plant biology, neurology, ecology, adaptation and much more.
  6. Astronomy Web Guide: Find dozens of links to astronomy tutorials and classes all over the Web on this site to teach you everything from the basics to the intricacies of astrophysics.
  7. Geology Rocks: Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how the earth works with tutorials from this geology focused site.
  8. Get Body Smart: This site, complete with interactive animations, videos and tutorials, can help you learn everything you need to know about how the human body functions.
  9. Cerritos College: You'll be able to learn about earth science and geology from the tutorials provided by this college on its website.

Math Even the best and brightest sometimes have trouble with math, so get some help from these tutorial sites.

  1. MathTools.net: Those working with math programs like MATLAB can get some helping learning how to run the programs from this technology focused site.
  2. Math.com: Whether you need to learn how to multiply fractions or to do complex calculus you can find some helpful tutorials here as well as other educational math tools.
  3. Paul's Online Math Notes: Professor Paul Dawkins provides students and everyone else with helpful tutorials to learn topics like algebra, trigonometry, calculus and more.
  4. Analyze Math: This site has math tutorials in a wide range of subjects with practice problems, calculators and a variety of math related applets.
  5. S.O.S. Mathematics: Learn all you need about math from the tutorials and worksheets provided by this site. It covers all levels of math from basic algebra to calculus.
  6. PurpleMath: This site contains a huge collection of math notes, tutorials and lessons to ensure you get a handle on whatever math concept you're trying to learn.
  7. Math for Morons Like Us: Math can make even smart people feel dumb sometimes, so this site breaks down mathematical concepts to the basics so you can learn about algebra, geometry, calculus and more.
  8. Visual Calculus: The modules on this site provide an easy way to go through the concepts and lessons you'll need to gain an understanding of calculus.
  9. MathCracker: Here you'll find loads of math-related educational resources, including tutorials on calculus, algebra and statistics.
  10. Real World Math: Having trouble seeing how you could ever need to know math in real life? This site provides some tutorials on how you may need to use math in the real world someday.

Do It Yourself Fix things around your home, in your yard or on your car with advice and guidance from these sites.

  1. Make Magazine: This magazine is full of articles that can help you make and build tons of cool stuff for around the house.
  2. FixExpert: Want some advice on fixing your car yourself? This site can help walk you through some minor car repairs.
  3. Easy2DIY: Whether you're installing new carpet, hardwood floors or just trying to hook up your new dishwasher you can get the instruction you need from this site.
  4. Do It Yourself.com: Topics on this site range from finance and real estate to plumbing and auto. No matter what you need to do you'll get the help do it it yourself.
  5. The Bicycle Tutor: Making bike repairs can be easy with a simple, photo-filled tutorial from this site.
  6. Skillvids: Watch the video tutorials on this site to help you learn to be handy around the house at all kinds of repairs and improvements or save money by acting as your own construction management team.
  7. Jonko Online Auto Repair: Fix some basic things on your car after reading these helpful tutorials.
  8. Free DIY Tutorials: These tutorials will help make it easy to make a wide variety of sewing and crafting projects.
  9. What the Craft: Whether you're just starting out with sewing or want some guidance making a more complicated project these tutorials can teach you everything you need.

Workplace and Leadership Get the skills you need to stand out in the office through these resources.

  1. Teachnology: Teachers can get tips on improving their classroom experience, using technology and managing their finances with tutorials from this site.
  2. TMC.net: Learn all about how to integrate technology into your business from these telecommunications focused webinars.
  3. ComputerWeekly: This collection of free webinars deals with issues that face small businesses, technology and those in the IT field and can be a great way to stay on top of the latest information in the field.
  4. TechOnline: Electronic Engineers will appreciate this site which offers loads of tutorials on issues having to do with design and productivity of a range of electronic products.
  5. Leadership Training Tutorials: Want to be a better leader or manager at work? These tutorials can teach you how.
  6. Laynetworks: Learn how to be a great manager from interviewing new employees to making effective decisions through this collection of tutorials.
  7. KnowThis?: Here you'll find great tutorials that can help you learn the basics of marketing no matter what kind of business you want to learn to make work.
  8. Change Management: Get some free educational tutorials that can help you learn to be a more effective leader and manager.
  9. Website 101: Here you'll get tutorials that will teach you the ins and outs of running an online business successfully.

Miscellaneous Gain a wide variety of skills and knowledge from these tutorials and webinars.

  1. TeacherTube: Find videos on a wide range of educational topics on this site.
  2. Howtopedia: Learn how to make DIY greener with loads of sustainable DIY projects on this site.
  3. Best Forex Brokerages: In today's economic climate it makes sense to save some of your savings in foreign currencies. This site shows you how.
  4. 10W40: Not only can you get auto repair advice from this site, but you'll also be able to learn how to drive a manual transmission car-- a valuable skill not everyone has.
  5. Duey's Drawings: Never been artistically gifted but want to learn to improve your skills? This site can give you some pointers through helpful tutorials.
  6. Video-Tutes: Learn everything you've ever wanted to know about shooting and editing all kinds of videos.