2022-23   Yearbook

Another year, another yearbook! Buy your yearbook today!

Picture yourself again in school... can you remember all those fun times and people?

Too many to think of? Well make is easier for you to remember, buy a  Yearbook and just look back on all the fun times. As you get older and busier you sometimes forget about the good old days, but don't let the memories slip away, of you or for your children.

Purchase your Yearbook, and share with everyone all the memories that you had when you were younger, for years to come. This year's K-8 Yearbook is 64 pages of full color and the HS yearbook will again be in full color and 144 pages.

To order, just print off the order form below, enclose the correct amount and mail to Hobart High School, 400 N. Jefferson, Hobart, OK 73651. Checks payable to HHS Multimedia

Cost:  HS Yearbooks - $40        w/name-$45

Elem/MS Yearbooks - $30     

Print Out This Order Form To Get Yours!

2022-2023 Yearbook Order Form

Student Name: ___________________________________           Grade______Teacher________________ (elem. only)

________  HS Yearbook w/name  -$45

________  HS Yearbook w/o name - $40

_______ Elem/MS Yearbook w/o name - $30  

Amount Enclosed ____________    CHECK or CASH (circle one)

Yearbooks from previous years are still available. See Mrs. Vor Ms. Brenda Straub for prices.